Seventy five balls Bingo is one of the very popular variation of Bingo game. Here is how 75 ball bingo games are played:

  • Each player has a card with twenty five squares on it.
  • Each square in the card has a number anywhere between one and seventy-five.
  • A designated ‘caller’, who is not a player, calls out the number picking up a ball from an urn.
  • The players mark off the called out number, if they have it on their card and the first player who marks out all the numbers on his or her card calls out ‘Bingo’.
  • The caller checks and verifies the card for the marked out numbers and if claim is valid the player is declared the winner. However, most of the Bingo halls reserve the right to deny the claim of the winner.

Players can play with as many cards as they might think they will be able to keep up with. Professional Bingo players are known to play with 25+ cards in two games simultaneously.

Seventy five balls Bingo is also a very popular game amongst online Bingo players. In online Bingo games the numbers are marked off by computer system using an automatic daub