Bingo halls never cease to reinvent the game of Bingo to keep Bingo enthusiasts glued to the game. The latest addition to variety of Bingo games is the 80 ball bingo. The 80 ball bingo is a hybrid of traditional 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Though methodology of playing an 80 ball bingo remains the same as that of traditional Bingo games i.e. with numbered cards and few designated patterns to cross off, the 80 ball bingo is different from traditional bingo games in following ways:

  • 80 ball bingo games have only sixteen numbers unlike the traditional games which have 25 or 15 numbers. With fewer squares to call off the 80 ball bingo is much faster and exciting. The first person to call ‘Bingo’ after marking off the prefixed patterns wins the games
  • 80 ball bingo also has variety of game patterns which further add spice to the game. The patterns include classic 80 full cards, horizontal line, diagonal line, vertical line, big X, four squares and center square.

As the popularity of the 80 ball bingo is fast catching up, both land based and virtual bingo halls are offering this game to the players.