The Best and the Worst Gambling Forums in the UK

Over the years, the gambling industry in the United Kingdom has grown to be a trillion-dollar industry, which is a far cry from its humble beginnings. While some gambling forums have risen through the ranks, some have suffered a decline that has sent them out of business.

Whether you are trying your luck at a casino or sports betting platform, it is a relief to know that you have a community of gamblers that share common goals. Such forums are great for sharing tips, and advice, making new friends and helping with gambling addictions.

If you are new to gambling, you will learn a lot from these platforms. So here is an overview of the best gambling forums in the UK.

Online Betting Guide (OLBG)

Online Betting Guide (OLBG) offers all you could ever ask for in a forum. If you believe the stereotype that forum sites usually have old-school designers with outdated technology, OLBG will change it. The website layout is crisp, clean, and well partitioned. As a newbie on the site, you will have no problems with navigation.

You can access several services on the forum website even without signing up. It has casino and bookie reviews, news, and tips for bettors, and registering opens you to even more and better features.

One standout feature is tipster competitions hosted within the community. These competitions come with overwhelming cash prizes that will keep you motivated. Knowing you can win some gambling money outside your casino or sportsbook is good.

The Football Forum

As the name implies, it is dedicated to Football discussions, dubbed the busiest football forum in the UK. And although it is for football, they occasionally give room to discuss some topics outside football.

What we love about this platform is the specialisation it has. Since it revolves around one sport, it goes deep into it. If you love to discuss smaller leagues outside of the big games, you would love it here. They discuss non-league games, domestic cups, Scottish football, Welsh football, and others.

This forum also hosts competitions and other off-topic activities like drafts. And in the past, they hosted a hall of fame for winners, but it isn't so active anymore.

One interesting thing about The Football Forum is that you can access their services through an app. With Tapatalk for Android, you can log into your account and have access to everything the website offers. It is rare to see forums with their services on a mobile application.

The UK Betting Forum

UK Betting Forum

The UK Betting Forum offers sports like football, horse racing, and several others. The website is simple and plain—your typical forum design. There are many sections dedicated to different sports betting topics, for example latest betting bonuses and the requirements a player needs to meet in order to get them. It also offers news from trusted sources like BBC and Sky Sports, saving you time searching for updates.

You can also be eligible to participate in several monthly competitions that see a lot of participants flex their skills. You could join and see where you truly stand with your skills. Registration is free, and if you are pleased with the chats and atmosphere, you can donate to support the forum.

How to Spot a Bad Gambling Forum

We don't exactly have a list of the worst gambling forums because it is quite subjective. What some gamblers find good, others may find horrible, and the same applies to this case. But we cannot let you off like that; so here are some red flags that you make a forum bad for you:

A low number of active gamblers: If a forum is good, it should have a lot of players—that is the general belief of players. But we are admonishing you to raise the bar higher and change it to many 'active' players. That way, you are sure the platform isn't filled with bots. And you are also sure to get help when you need it.
Toxic Personalities: We don't condone toxic personalities and advise you to do the same. Toxic persons could easily affect your mental health, and we don't want that for you. So if you see a forum filled with gamblers that mock beginners, never offer help, and other annoying behaviours, stay away from it.
Irresponsible Moderators: Ideally, moderators should keep tabs on the forum and put things in order when necessary. But when they fail to do their jobs, it becomes a problem. People begin to do whatever they want and display disgusting attitudes, so settling for platforms with firm and responsible moderators is better. You can easily know from how often they chat and their messages.

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